Internal Engine Parts group, Inc. (IEPG)

   The Internal Engine Parts Group, Inc., also known as IEPG, consists of eight engine parts warehouses located across the Southeastern United States with over seventy professional associates. Our corporate and administrative office is located in Meridian, MS. IEPG stocks a broad range of engine parts for passenger cars, small trucks, marine, industrial, agricultural and high-performance applications.  

   A comprehensive engine kit program is available for thousands of engines with every kit provided to fit your exact needs!   

   The company's operating platform is designed to serve all aftermarket customers effectively with a maximum service level. We supply the engine parts needs of custom engine rebuilders, custom engine repair centers, high performance operations, traditional auto parts operations and national wholesale and retail chains. We offer the latest in 24/7 real time customer connectivity technology via the internet which allows our customers to view, select and purchase their engine parts needs from all of our locations at their convenience. 

   We recognize our customers make a choice every day when they use our products and service and we are constantly redoubling our efforts to be sure we earn their business! 

Internal Engine Parts Group
Central Office
PO Box 2958
Meridian, MS 39302-2958

Engine Parts Warehouse
811 South Gallatin
Jackson, MS (USA) 39204
(800) 821-1063

Engine Parts Warehouse
1905 Brookdale Drive West
Mobile, AL (USA) 36618
(800) 253-3253

Piston Warehouse
112 39th Street North
Birmingham, AL (USA) 35222
(800) 221-3368

Engine Parts Warehouse
2802 Foster Avenue
Nashville, TN (USA) 37210
(800) 345-1044

Engine Parts Warehouse
1809 Vanderhorn Drive
Memphis, TN (USA) 38134
(800) 238-2508

Engine Parts Warehouse
Baton Rouge
9762 Mammoth Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA (USA) 70814
(800) 445-9304

Engine Parts Center
260 Maxham Road
Austell, GA (USA) 30168
(800) 690-4334

Engine Parts Center
9836 Currie Davis Drive
Tampa, FL (USA) 33619-2651
(888) 838-6054 or (813) 630 4646

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